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Summer School Programme Grants 9th ed

E’ aperta la nona edizione del concorso Summer School for Students, aperto a tutti gli studenti di tutte le Università del perimetro UniCredit. 

Con questa nona edizione si offrono 5 borse per Summer School Program in economia/finanza da svolgersi durante il periodo giugno - agosto 2023 presso tre tra le più prestigione università europee: London School of Economics (2 borse), Barcelona School of Economics (2 borse) e University College of London (1 borse). 

Scadenza per l’invio delle candidature: 31 marzo 2023

Per inviare la domanda: APPLY HERE 

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Unicredit Foundation

UniCredit Foundation is a non-profit corporate foundation, as further testimony of the Group’s engagement in the promotion of a well-structured set of principles which are the basis of its corporate identity. UniCredit Foundation is entirely financed by the Group and it is an independent legal entity with a Board of Directors.

UniCredit Foundation pursues social and humanitarian goals in the fields of assistance and healthcare, the environment, and training, education and teaching, and supports the best talents in the fields of economics and finance by launching scholarships, research grants and research awards with a special focus on the countries in which UniCredit Group operates.

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How to apply

In order to apply for the UniCredit Foundation’s calls, students must complete the online application form, under the penalty of being excluded from the selection process.

Remind: the form is the same for every competition, therefore you should complete only the fields required by the related announcement.


  1. To participate in the call, it is necessary to click on the APPLY button and enter the login credentials for idea360.
  2. You can get the credentials (username and password) through the registration procedure.
  3. You will receive an e-mail message with a confirmation link. Click on it to complete your registration.
  4. You can open your application and add any further information as many times as you want until you click on the <submit> button.
  5. Submit your application only when you consider it completed and all the requested documentation in PDF format has been attached.
  6. No further modifications are allowed when the application is submitted.
  7. The letter of reference -when required- must be sent directly by a Professor via e-mail to the UniCredit Foundation address as specified in the call.
  8. You only need to fill out the relevant fields in the application form for the competition you are applying for
  9. For more information on the call and the application process please write to